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Piggly Wiggly of Nekoosa Shopping a full service grocery store.
Paula's Place of Nekoosa is a fine dining family restaurant featuring 50's decor and weekly shopping specials
CJ's Old Tyme Marketplace of Nekoosa provides all yu health food needs and remedies on nekoosa shopping
Nekoosa Shopping brings you award winning jaoby custom cues home of cue of the year
Nekoosa Shopping suggset trying the one pound burger at Kut's Pub or the 18oz t-bone dinner
Reynolds Hardware and Lumber hs 2 locations to serve you, themain one is located on and the secondary one is located on Nekoosa Shopping.
Nekoosa Shoppings newest addition is power play equipment who brings you all small engine repairs and sales.
Nekoosa shopping cabin fever log homes Featuring log cabins delivered to your site, all amish crafted and built to order

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Beaver's Variety of Nekoosa Shopping has everything from models to greeting cards
Bizzy Bee;s of Nekoosa Shopping offer complete child care by licensed professionals
Goodfella's of Nekoosa Shopping offers a complete menu with excellent food
Gooch's of Nekoosa Shopping provide the best professional service in th area
The party connection of nekoosa shopping offers a fine selection of beer and liquor
Haneys Resale Shop of Nekoosa Shopping is locally owned and operated offering a complete line of quality furniture and schwinn collectables
Terry's Amoco of Nekoosa Sgopping is a full service station with a full line of petroleum produxt, bait and state license service


Nekoosa Shopping

Nekoosa Shopping brings you Nekoosa shopping events and sales.  Over the last few years Nekoosa has been growing with new business. We need a way to contact and find what our great city has to offer. In unison with our friends to the north, Nekoosa shopping was born. Our area and businesses will be added to the Wisconsin Rapids Area site. When people search for businesses and services they will have access to us. This will increase our exposure to a customer database that receives upwards of over a million hits a year yet still keep our idenity. Nekoosa shopping sales offers the consumer an easy way to check Nekoosa shopping sales.You will be able to place events and benefits on this site and with our sales will be shown to the whole area. We ave now added Nekoosa Shopping to the new ShopRomeArea site.

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In this economy and with an ever-higher gas price, shopping local has never ben more important. As we grow our site will be our one-stop to find out what is happening in our town and Nekoosa Shopping will become a household word.
Nekoosa Shopping is only as good as you make it so feel free to add events and suggestions on how to make Nekoosa Shopping better! Use our contact form or go to events to add your events.

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CJ's Old Tyme Marketplace


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